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Weatherby Orion Sporting 20ga. 30" Barrel


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Mfg Part Number:747115447855 Manufacturer: Weatherby Model: Orion

Versatile and adaptable, the Orion Sporting is fit with a four-way adjustable comb that greatly assists in making the shotgun come to shoulder perfectly each and every time. The Sporting’s longer 30? barrels make for a much more deliberate swing and are ported to help reduce recoil and aid in transitioning to a second clay target. The vented rib helps dissipate heat and optical distortion when shooting volume climbs, and a fiber optic bead glows brightly in the sunlight. Automatic ejectors kick spent hulls from the chambers, and the extended and knurled chokes are easily swapped depending on the target presentation. Built to crush clays, the Orion Sporting can be purchased in 12 or 20-gauge.

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