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About Us

In her article published on Hello Georgetown back in August of 2022, Sydney Decker did a great job of capturing our story in just one short meeting. 

"River & Ranch Provisions is open in Georgetown, TX!

Owned and operated by Cody Hirt, Brad Strittmatter, Sam Johnson and Tim Carr, the business is a locally owned and operated outdoor shop focused on high quality products, education and making lasting memories.

“River & Ranch Provisions [is] a new fun concept that we have been working on for many, many years, which is a place where you could find outdoor apparel, fly fishing gear, etc,” Cody Hirt told Hello Georgetown. “High end is what is what we were going for the entire time, not your average outdoor shop.”

The business, all four men emphasized, spurred from their own individual experiences and memories of spending time outdoors with friends and family.

“I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad and my grandfather, and my uncles, and my brother and everything, and that what I like to do with my kids and my wife,” Brad Strittmatter told Hello Georgetown. “There’s nothing like this around. We have big box stores, they’re great, but they just don’t feel like this.”

While the shop carries a wide variety of products ranging from clothing to gear, River & Ranch Provisions is primarily focused on helping people of all experience levels find the right tools to enjoy the outdoors and make lasting memories with loved ones.

“My desire is someone that has never fly fished, for example, gets the exact same treatment as someone that fly fishes every weekend,” Tim Carr told Hello Georgetown. “[We want to] make it a comfortable environment for anyone to come into and they’re going to get the same experience regardless of skillset, regardless of what their passion is, we want to find new outdoorsmen and women as much as we want all of the current outdoor folks, and if we can master that experience across every customer, I think we’ve done something really good.”

Quality both in products and experience is the top priority at River & Ranch Provisions, the men said. The shop carries waders, camouflage, brush clothing, fly rods, fishing flies, firearms and more. Customers of all ages will also find opportunities for education and training as well.

“It can be intimidating to take kids into an outfitting store, but this is very family oriented,” Carr said. “We want kids to come in and ask questions, just like adults. Our kids are very passionate about these products too…everyone that walks through that door, we want to make them feel special, and if that starts at three years old or at 90 years old, we’ve got to embrace everyone across the spectrum.”

“There’s no dumb questions here,” Sam Johnson told Hello Georgetown. “If you don’t know, ask. Whether you’ve never even seen a fly rod or touched an axe, or looked through a pair of binoculars, come ask, come find out; or, if you do it every day and you want some advice on something that you’re just trying to curve the edge a little bit on. ”

The space is also be available for rent for events and classes, and the shop will also host their own seminars and courses.

“This is kind of a flex space, ” Hirt said. “In the evenings, we can actually pull the retail off. It’s designed like this to go into the back. People can rent this out as an event space to have a nice dinner, a Christmas party, a special occasion, and then on top of that, we’ll do a lot of events to where we bring in [groups], bring them in and let people get to know them and talk to, and then hopefully, we are able to connect them with somebody that they go and build experiences with, and then provide them with what they need to actually fulfill that dream adventure for them too. That’s going to include fly fishing trips, all sorts of fun stuff like that. We’ve got a lot of different things planned.”

River & Ranch Provisions is located on the downtown Georgetown Square at 805 S Austin Avenue near Kilwins."