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Fausti DEA Sport Black 12ga. 32" - Firearm


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Mfg Part Number:42000 Manufacturer: Fausti Model: DEA Sport

Fausti competition side-by-side shotguns are a tribute to the past, when the best competitors in the world used to shoot them in the most challenging international shoots, but also another example of the company’s strategic awareness of the present. The result is the model Dea Sport: practical, simple and robust as is expected of a gun designed to shoot thousands of rounds. The Dea Sport, whose reinforced components help withstand the pressure of high-volume competition shooting, comes with adjustable stock, wide beavertail forend for maximum grip comfort and stability, coil spring trigger pulls, and interchangeable choke tubes. The action with its aggressive and clean-cut lines is totally black to better represent its competitive clays vocation.

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