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Griffin & Howe Custom 70 .416 RemingtonMag with Swarovski Optics


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Mfg Part Number:GRI2844 Manufacturer: Griffin and Howe Model: G&H Custom

The Griffin & Howe Classic Sporter Rifle - The Benchmark for Sporting Rifles since 1923

The style has changed very little since Seymour Griffin and James V. Howe joined forces to meet the needs of discriminating sportsman and sportswomen. You can share the prestige of owning a Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle, made to your specifications and in the caliber of your choice. 

Griffin and Howe Sporting Side Mounts have become the standard for allowing the use of both an open sighting system as well as a telescopic optic on the same rifle. Our quick detachable top half can be removed from the base, allowing an open or peep sight, such as a Lyman 48, to be used when the scope is removed. This versatility provides a backup sighting option in the case of a damaged scope, low light condition, or in thick cover when an open sight may be preferred.




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