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Benelli Lupo B.E.S.T. .308 Elevated II 22" Barrel


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Part Number:11993 Manufacturer: Benelli Model: Lupo

Benelli’s Lupo bolt-action rifle has been field-tested on hunts across the globe and found to be a truly exceptional firearm. Not only has it delivered sub-MOA accuracy and decisive on-game performance, but hunters also rave about ergonomic and customization features that make it fit like it was made just for them. From the threaded muzzle to the recoilmitigating Combtech cheek pad, the Lupo is packed with Benelli features and technology shooters praise and declare unrivaled among hunting rifles. The Lupo is now available with Benelli’s exclusive industry-leading BE.S.T. surface treatment and is available in three popular big-game calibers.

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